Housewash, Roof & Pest Control Franchise

Your opportunity to be in business at hugely discounted prices!

This combo provides the seasonality of multiple services to give you a more even workload (and income) than would be achieved with either service alone.

Our 12 Pillar System

Our unique 12-Pillar System will have you up and running in your own business in 4 weeks even with no business experience!

Just like a bridge has pillars holding it up your business will use our unique 12-Pillar System. This system ensures all the most important aspects are taken care of:

  • Branding
  • Health and safety plan
  • Legal requirements
  • SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Accounting
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Multiple income streams
  • Business plan
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management system)
  • Goal setting

For more detail download our info pack (PDF)

So what can you expect when you purchase a YourLocal Franchise? 

The franchise opportunity provides all of the following:

  • Free one month trial so you can check us out (T&C's apply).
  • Your systems all set up  - you can concentrate on earning. 
  • Your online marketing is set up for you.
  • Full training on services (depends on the franchise).
  • Your very own business plan - your road map to follow.
  • Three months of no fees so you get your business up and running.
  • $1000.00 free Google Ads.
  • Trusted brand which has been trialed and tested.

Plus: You get to work with an experienced advisor so that all your concerns are answered for you.
Plus: 100 % money back if you are not satisfied (T&C's apply).

... and remember, you need no previous experience in the specific business (apart from the plumbing, electrical and painting trade franchises).




Total price:
product, equipment & training

* Prices exclude GST.

Download Franchise Information Pack (PDF)

House Wash, Roof & Pest Control

Income spread over the year

With our unique combination of house maintenance services along with pest control, our franchise provides a business that will grow your sales over the full 12 months of the year.

Multiple Income Streams

This is exactly what small businesses need. YourLocal will support you with this. With strategic marketing the services over the year based on our established seasonal data, you can make sure to avoid those 'quiet times of the year' that many other seasonal businesses suffer.


Become a Franchisee:   Call 0800 002 816   or   Download Your Franchise Information Pack (PDF)